What we do 

After working in the Social Media industry for several years, we decided we wanted to help content creators, influencers, and businesses in another way. 
We witnessed successful accounts becoming disabled and startups getting scammed by the companies claiming to deliver successful social media growth. 

As social media marketing specialists ourselves, we wanted to make social media a comfortable place for entrepreneurs, startups, and other content creators. 
Instead of leaving you vulnerable to biased opinion pieces and paid Trustpilot reviews, we wanted to create a platform where you can safely filter through different Social Media Growth Services and find the one that suits you best. 
We aim to expose scammers and fake Growth Services. That's why we registered as users on their services and explored their platforms to deliver thorough and unbiased reports to you. 

Meet the team

Our mutual love of social media brought us together. We're a team of professionals with 7+ experience in handling social media platforms, content creation, security measures, and so on. We created a community-driven platform and want to help everyone who desires to build social media presence. Meet the social media kooks who created all this: 

Elias is here to maintain a flawless performance of our system. He ensures that services we recommend you don't use your data maliciously. He has worked with Facebook and Mention for 8 years, and now he's growing followerz buzz with us. 

Scam Ambassador
We have Anton on the research part. He ensures to go through every article and third-party platform review of growth service providers, their payment systems, and services to recommend the best possible options and help you avoid scammers.

Tamsin (Tam for short) has been making leather bags and selling them through her Instagram business page for years. She knows how the IG algorithm works and how organic growth happens. Tam investigates every growth agency we review to check how their targeting works and if they drive real followers to their users. 

ECommerce Guru
After working on more than 50 eCommerce projects and using IG as the main selling platform, Emil helps us examine growth agencies. This determines how much growth such services deliver to your business (besides the follower growth). 
Ingrid is an IG and TikTok influencer, so she knows a thing or two about getting viral. She makes sure to check the growth agencies' activities and how their services help your content go viral. 
Social Media Expert
We can safely say that Ellie spends most of her time on social media platforms. She gathers all the researched information about growth agencies and delivers it to you so you don't have to spend hours researching.