FollowFox Growth Agency Of The Month
August 11, 2021

For a while now, we’ve been reviewing the main IG growth agencies that are around at the moment. While it’s fair to say that there is quite a lot of choice when deciding which company to go with, there are definitely some pros and cons of each that we ourselves take into account when reviewing their services via our shadow accounts with each of them.

Some are bordering on being an actual scam, whereas others work really hard to try and create a service that is honest, trustworthy and helps people see the Instagram growth results that they want!

It’s with all of this in mind that we decided to write a monthly ‘Growth Agency Of The Month’ blog, to inform you of our current favourites, the work they’ve done, and how they may be able to benefit you and your own IG growth.

So here goes!

August’s Instagram growth agency of the month is: FollowFox

How we came to this conclusion

FollowFox’s reviews have really spoken for themselves recently. It seems they are seeing happy customer after happy customer. Followerbuzz’s main aim is to seek honest information on the IG growth agencies that we have on this site, so all we can do is go with the majority in terms of customer satisfaction. If we look over the reviews of different companies, we see that some have a lot of negatives, some a few, and some next to none - it’s not going to be hard to see who the clear winner is. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be the same every month.

What people are liking about FollowFox

FollowFox’s features seem to be the thing that’s attracting people to use their service. Refreshing, too, to see an Instagram growth service that clearly delivers on its promises! What we’re hearing that people are loving:

  • Great customer service. We’ve heard (and experienced ourselves) the fabulous customer service that FollowFox offers. Both a Growth Expert and an Account Manager are assigned to you and you feel kept in the loop the whole way through. You can also adjust your targeting objectives through them.
  • Clear, honest pricing. With three pricing plans available to suit both your needs and your budget, FollowFox breaks it down and makes it easy to figure out which one is for you. Personal, Influencer or Business. Pretty self-explanatory! 

  • Human-powered growth, no signs of bots! What a lovely thing that is to type! FollowFox seems to be true to their word - no bots have been suspected at all thus far. Not by us, or any of the reviews we’ve seen. Simple, organic growth from people who will actually be interested in your page and/or content.
  • Great dashboard feature. Once you login, you’ll have the option to access your dashboard. This is a really fantastic feature offered by FollowFox, as here you can access your weekly, monthly and yearly IG growth statistics - all without having to speak to anybody.

Some other things that swayed us to pick FollowFox

As we have said, FollowFox seems to be a totally genuine service with no scams or bots being detected. Furthermore, they actually seem to really want to help you grow your Instagram. Sure, they’re a relatively new company who are probably wanting to create a good image of themselves, but they’re definitely doing something right by the looks of things. So many people have seen significant increases in their IG growth, it’s pretty hard to ignore! There doesn’t seem to be any AI used here either. 100% human-powered which, we believe, results in the most effective type of growth. They also offer effective targeting options, whereby they will only try to connect with people who have a big chance of finding your page or content interesting. All in all, creating much more of a chance for real, organic IG growth.

Well done, FollowFox!