How much Influencers Earn on Instagram
September 8, 2021

In this day and age, creating a career online is becoming increasingly popular. Not only that, holding self-made positions such as Instagram Influencer are extremely ‘a la mode’. Not only can this create a very comfortable life for someone, it can also incorporate some of the things you’re most interested in. 

Here at Followerz Buzz, we not only review all of the Instagram growth agencies so you know who to choose in order to receive more followers, we are also very aware that a lot of you may be seeking a service such as theirs in order to further boost your budding career as an Instagram Influencer. That’s why we thought it important to not only write reviews on each individual Instagram growth agency so you know which service may be right for you, but also to write an informative piece on how much money one can look to make as a successful Instagram Influencer, and the different types of Influencers there are. 

Breaking it down, how much you can earn as an Influencer very much depends on your followers - both who is following you and how many followers you have. 

Opportunities To Earn - Affiliate Marketing

Being an Influencer comes in lots of different varieties. It is not simply promoting a product - although that has proven to be a very effective method. But let’s start with that. Selling affiliates’ products can earn you mega money as you’ll take a commission from what is sold. This is called Affiliate Marketing. There are different strategies to achieve this, but they all start with one golden rule: partner with an affiliate brand. Whether it’s cosmetics, clothing, sports products or anything else for that matter, the most money to be earned is from the promotion of products. 

Drive Traffic Via Blogs

Another popular option is to drive traffic via blogs or ecommerce. Let’s look at a couple of examples here. Imagine you were a creator and producer of homemade leather bags. You would create - as an example - a Shopify or Etsy page, and in your posts, you’d add the links to these pages so people are able to buy your products. Another example could be if you were to create a blog on Wordpress. You’d follow this by the creation of Google Ads, and then you’d link your blog posts in your Instagram account via content. People would subsequently visit your blog, click on your Google Ads, and you’ll earn money on every click you get. Sounds good, right?


Slightly similar to Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship is another popular way to earn money on Instagram. This, however, will only work if you are linked to a specific niche. If you have enough of a following or are ‘influential’ enough, brands will contact you themselves. This is especially popular in markets such as gaming and cosmetics. At the end of this blog, we’ll give you an idea of that actual amount of money that can potentially be involved in such situations.


This is another very popular way of making cash via social media. Shoutouts involve registering on platforms such as Shoutcart (there are many other influencer marketing platforms), and then wait for direct orders to come in from individual brands. After this, you’ll post their content and be paid for it. Sounds too good to be true, we know! Yet this is becoming an increasingly popular way of making money - good money, at that. 

It Pays To Be Popular

It goes without saying here that it of course makes a monumental difference if you have an influential profile. What do we mean by influential? A good question. A profile with a high number of followers is the perfect example. Brands look at this as a massive platform in terms of promoting their products or services, and will pay good money to make use of it. This can, in turn, put a lot of pressure on people to become ‘popular’ on social media, which has its own issues. But Instagram growth agencies - like the ones we look at on this site - are a great way of easing the pressure on yourself and letting somebody else take over on your behalf. 

How Much Money Can Be Paid As An Instagram Influencer?

Having researched this subject in great detail, we can see that, as a rough guide, Influencers can look to be compensated around $10 for every 1,000 followers they have - that is of course once they have hit the 1,000 followers mark. 

Yet, there are different types of Influencers. Starting with Micro Influencers, who can earn around $90 per post, but this is just a rough figure. Moving on from this, people with 50,000+ followers receive on average $200 per post. As mentioned though, this is just an average payment and very much depends on who the Influencer or brand is. 

Once you move on to accounts with over 1,000,000 followers - there really is no rule or average. Accounts that are that influential can essentially charge whatever they want, all the while knowing that brands and advertisers will pay anything for said person to promote their product.