How Instagram Has Changed Our World
February 8, 2022

Since Facebook purchased the photo-based app Instagram in 2012, it has literally transformed our world. Incredibly, the app now has over one billion users, and this number continues to grow at a shocking pace - more than any of its competitors.

As it stands, users are spending an average of 53 minutes per day using the app, meaning its impact on our everyday lives has been significant (a little bit ‘Black Mirror’, if you ask us.)

Instagram has been responsible for the success of millions of new businesses, promotions, influencers; and increased the celebrity status of many of those who were already in the spotlight. People turn to it when they think of success, and post anything from the extremely popular food photos, to highly-filtered selfies - and everything in between.

However, most of us have slowly got used to this Insta-world without really seeing exactly how Instagram has changed the very world (more specifically, the society) that we live in. This blog is going to take a look at some of the biggest, and perhaps unrealised, ways in which our lives have been altered by this billion-dollar app.

It’s Changed The Way We Look at & Perceive Beauty

With so much criticism initially being thrown at social media apps, namely Instagram, about creating an unhealthy image for young people, in particular women, and feeling as if they have to ‘fit the norm’, things have changed. Instagram is famed for its filters, creating a perception of perfection from, essentially, any photo you wish to upload. Some people have become rather fed up with these unrealistic representations, and have taken a stand. Instagram has since become a major platform for more diverse beauty.

People have started to share their unfiltered photos of things like their pimples, scars and stretch marks; to an increase in plus-size uploads and a healthy representation of the LGBTQ+ communities and disabled people. So despite how it started out, Instagram has moved on in a positive way, and promotes beauty of all types, tastes and offers a platform for people from all walks of life.

Instagram Has a Major Influence On The Way We Travel

You may well be old enough to remember the days of rocking up to your local travel agent, flicking through glossy brochures, or asking an agent to suggest a place that would offer you the things you were looking for from a vacation or holiday. Having said that, a large proportion of you may be too young to remember those days, and instead have relied on Instagram to suggest or recommend your next travel spot. Why? Ha! We think you already know. Instagram is FULL of photos of far-flung places, dotted all across the globe, all offering the perfect shot for the ‘gram. It may seem unrealistic to suggest that an Insta photo opportunity could be the reason for people to spend top $$ for a photo - but the proof is in the pudding, my friend. Many countries have come up with a clever set of hashtags, together with the best views and photo opportunities they have to offer, to persuade Instagram users to travel to their country - thus boosting tourism - in all aid of the perfect Instagram post.

Let’s break it down - have you ever scrolled through Instagram, seen somewhere idyllic and thought to yourself “oooh, that looks gorgeous. Wonder how much it would cost to go there?” and then proceeded to look up prices and, in a lot of cases, went ahead and booked it? Yeah? We thought so.

For The Love Of Food!

Instagram is a foodies’ paradise. Fact. It’s even managed to turn those who eat-to-live into live-to-eat’ers. Why? Food aesthetics, bien sur! Colourful, aesthetically pleasing food photos are everywhere you look on Instagram. It’s created a surge not just in food photos in general, but for people to be more adventurous when it comes to trying new things, all in aid of that perfect, Instragrammable shot.

Colour is key. Naturally, the more colour, the more eye-catching it can be. But it’s also more than that. It’s food art. And when it comes to art and creativity in general, Instagram is all over it. People snapping their 3 meals a day is the norm, and funky lattes, pretty cakes, unusual eats and quirky restaurant design are all things that add to this, too. The sheer amount of food related hash-tags is incredible, all of which add to your chance of Instagram success.

Eliminates The Need For Businesses To Go Through The Usual Channels

Historically, setting up a business from scratch was not for the faint hearted. The to-do list for startups was massive. Not to mention the marketing side of things that - once upon a time - was not digital and online. Platforms such as Instagram have enabled people to start businesses from scratch, and all on one page. Promotion through hash-tags, sharing, a good marketing budget and eye-catching photos and links has enabled people with little to no budget to go on to become majorly successful and, well, rich! These types of businesses are called Social Brands, because they solely exist due to social platforms such as Instagram.

It Has Enabled Everyone To Have a Voice

The sheer amount of activism and protests we have seen in the last 10 years has been nothing short of revolutionary. While it may seem that this is a natural progression of righting the wrongs of the past, Instagram has played a crucial role in aiding everybody to share their views and promote equality and fairness all round.

To conclude: while yes, Instagram, at least at one time, could be seen as harmful to vulnerable and young people; this has been turned around, and enabled everybody to be themselves, represent themselves as they wish, stand up for what they believe to be right and, well, simply have a bit of creative fun. Have you changed your mind about Instagram yet?