Why Do I Need an Instagram Growth Agency?
September 14, 2021

Instagram is one of the best platforms for businesses to grow an audience of engaged, interested customers ready to support them. But, as asocial media, it’s understandably crowded with millions of people all vying for each other’s attention. You want — dare we say it, need — to be seen not just as a business, but as a social media channel worth following.


After all, you’re not just competing with other businesses —you’re competing with people’s friends and families.


One of the most effective ways to build an IG account to the point it stands out from the crowd and has active followers is with an Instagram growth agency. But who are they for? What do they do? And why do you need one?


Who Should Use an IG Growth Agency?


Let’s start off by narrowing down who does — or doesn’t — need an IG growth agency.


If you’re just sharing pictures of your lunch or your family pets or your personal holidays, you probably don’t need a growth agency. Sure, your dog is cute, and we understand you want millions of people to fall in love. But growth agencies cost money, and outside of the warm fuzzy feeling of sharing your four-legged-friend with the masses, there’s really no benefit here.


However, if you’re sharing your holiday snaps or dog pictures because you want to become an influencer, you might consider an IG growth agency. They can help grow your account to the point it becomes attractive to brands to want to partner with you to grow their own business.


Basically, if you intend to use Instagram in a commercial capacity— as an influencer, freelancer, or business — then there is a great deal of value to be had in hiring an IG growth agency. They can fill your posts with replies and shares from people who are really interested in you and what you do— and eager to buy what you’re selling.


If you’re just in it for a nice place to share happy snaps? Save your pennies.


Now that we know who, let’s get on to why!


IG Growth Agencies Learn the Trends so You Don’t Have To


Social media changes quickly. Trends and algorithms can sway wildly in the blink of an eye, undoing years of hard work — or boosting your clout to the stratosphere overnight.


Trying to keep up with those changes can be a full-time job in itself. Let slip for just a few weeks and you can find yourself trailing behind without ever knowing why.


IG growth agencies make it their job — literally — to know exactly how to stay on top of the game and keep the upward momentum going. They can tell you what kind of content is popular (Video? Stories? Reels? Who can keep

This frees you up to worry about your business and content creation.


IG Growth Agencies Stop Your Audience Feeling Neglected


Interaction goes two ways. It’s all well and good to want your audience to interact with you, but if you don’t talk back, they’ll leave. After all, nobody likes talking to a brick wall.


Part of an IG growth agency’s tasks for their clients is to reply to comments on their client’s feeds, as well as reach out and reply to their follower’s posts. This reciprocity encourages more people to follow and interact with you, as you’re seen as fulfilling the fundamental concept of social media — being social.


IG Growth Agencies Help You Know When to Post


Posting schedules are one of those things that everyone knows is important, but it’s so tedious trying to work out exactly when the best time to post is. Is it 8 a.m. or 8:30 p.m.? Small difference, big results.


IG growth agencies take that hassle away from you. They look at your analytics, see when your audience is online, and can guide you to exactly the right times to post for maximum impact. Not only that, they can also be useful for suggesting posting frequency — daily? Twice daily? Five times a day?


Working it out yourself is hard. Let someone else do it.


IG Growth Agencies Let You Focus on Your Work


By taking away some of the hassle of the more fiddly bits of running an IG account, IG growth agencies empower you to spend more time making amazing on-brand content and less time poring over analytics.


This frees you up to really put time and love into everything you make, boosting the quality of your content simply by letting you invest more of yourself into it. You can also spend more time running the actual business side of things — meeting, order fulfillments, etc. — and less time worrying about whether you’ve replied to the latest comments on a post three weeks old.


If You Need an IG Growth Agency…


If after reading this you think you need an IG growth agency, make sure you do your due diligence in vetting an agency. There are so many out there and a lot of them use questionable tactics to get you followers or bring or fake or irrelevant followers. We’ve done a lot of reviews and writing about IG growth agencies and have even hired some as a secret shopper; one we liked a whole lot was FollowFox. Their customer service was outstanding; they were honest and upfront about what they could bring us; and what the followers they did deliver were on point and legit. We like them so we think you should give them a try, too.