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  • Human-powered services 
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Target audience research and consultation 
  • Email Support 

What is Ampfluence? 

Ampfluence is a social media growth tool that claims to help you amplify your social media influence. They offer to grow Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts with human-powered services. 


Ampfluence is a relatively new platform that has already caused some hype around it. There's not much to learn about them on the internet, and their only review on Trustpilot seems to come from a satisfied customer. 

How does Ampfluence work?

Before actually seeing the growth of your account, you need to take a few steps with Ampfluence. First, they schedule a consultation call with you to discuss your industry and niche. According to the first step, they will research your target audience. 

After all the information is acquired, they start engaging with your target audience by liking their posts, commenting, following, and such. 

They also claim to measure your results and give you a report on your IG account growth. 

Our experience with Ampfluence

"I was waiting for a call after the registration; I never got it. They started working after 4 days of registration. 

When I finally got some action and my followers grew, I noticed that most of them were real, but not a lot of them were interested in my content. Their targeting methods either didn't work or something went wrong. 

Soon, I noticed that they were driving followers from their other accounts, telling them to follow my account. I also noticed that the follower growth wasn't daily. 

As for the results, in the first month, I got 287 new followers, and the next month only 311.

Final Review

Not a lot can be said about Ampfluence and we're wondering why. The platform has been around for at least two years, but Trustpilot reviews don't seem to show up anywhere. 

One thing we've noticed is that they have a lot of IG accounts. They use these accounts to communicate with their followers and ask to follow their clients (you). This is not a strategy that drives followers that are interested in your industry and your page. So be aware of that. 

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Pros & Cons

  • They use manual work to attract followers 
  • Wide variety of services, including

  • They don’t have a lot of reviews on Trustpilot 
  • You can find a few paid articles with


Is Ampfluence a legitimate company?

Ampfluence seems to be a legitimate company, but there's little to no information or feedback on other platforms. They do have a client feedback section on their website, but we'd advise you to search for reviews on third-party platforms.

Should I be scared that my IG account will get disabled while using Ampfluence?

Ampfluence claims to use human-powered services and avoid bots or fake accounts. On paper, it seems like they're not doing anything risky, but know that they can still violate some of the IG Community Standards with their activity.

Price and Packages

Although ampfluence is a relatively new platform, a lot of customers have complained that their services are overpriced compared to their competitors. They offer three packages. 


$249 / month

  • Avg. 250+ Organic Followers
  • Targeted Audience
  • No Hashtag Research

<main-heading>Growth x2<main-heading>

$349 / month

  • Avg. 500+ Organic Followers
  • Hashtag Research
  • Priority Support
  • Custom Reporting

<main-heading>Growth & Content Management<main-heading>

$999 / month

  • Everything in Growth X2
  • Social media posts, captions, scheduling, bio creation

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether bots are used - day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day.

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