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Growthsilo Features:

  • Organic Instagram Growth Service
  • Targeted Followers
  • Easy To Use Site
  • Personal Account Manager

What is Growthsilo?

Growthsilo is an online Instagram growth agency that claims to offer organic, human-powered growth to your Instagram. They are part of the Growthoid company and offer a remarkably similar service. Their selling point is that they do not use fake accounts or bots, although there is a lot of skepticism as to whether or not this is true. 


Due to Growthoid being their parent company, Growthsilo has set off with a fair amount of success in terms of people signing up to their service. This is often the way when a company is launched in the shadow of another, despite whether they are reputable or not. 

How Does Growthsilo Work?

Like Growthoid, Growthsilo say that they use manual methods of growing your Instagram, without the use of bots or fake accounts. 

Growthsilo claims that your Account Manager will contact you within 24 hours of you signing up. They state that during this time, you should concentrate your efforts on creating great and consistent content, content that will be of interest to the accounts that you have described as your target audience at time of signing up, which Growthsilo will work to try to attract when they get started. 

Once they do get started, Growthsilo says that they will manually attract users to your Instagram account. Be warned though: there are some reviews out there that claim that after signing up, they go quiet and don’t do anything to grow your IG.

Growthsilo say that they engage with these users by liking photos, viewing stories and other manual forms of engagement. 

Final Review

The whole point of our website is to inform you of all the ins and outs of each growth agency listed, so that means the good AND the bad. While Growthsilo seems to have a really good and informative website with an FAQ section that answers all of your possible questions, we always advise people to check the reviews of each service before choosing to give them your money. 

This is where it gets a little bit suspicious. While Growthsilo do seem to have a large number of great, 5* reviews, they all seem a little bit generic and repetitive. We can’t say with absolute certainty that they are fake, we are, however, telling you to be a little bit cautious. On the other hand, there are also a fair amount of negative reviews, with the common theme being that after signing up and taking payment, Growthsilo do not make contact with you, nor do they do anything to help grow your Instagram. A lot of them also go on to say that upon trying to cancel their subscription, a bot called ‘Angel’ from their website tells you that you will indeed have your subscription cancelled, and - providing it’s still within the 14-day money-back guarantee window - be refunded too. Yet, many people have claimed that they did not receive any money back and were continued to be charged until they reported it to their bank. 

Our advice would be to tread very carefully with Growthsilo, and to take all of the above information into consideration. We also greatly advise you to do your own research and check out all of the reviews.

Top in the industry


Grow your Instagram with real, targeted followers


Kickfollower uses 100% organic human powered growth.


Flock Social claims to be an organic Instagram growth agency

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Pros & Cons

  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Clearly laid out website
  • FAQ section

  • Some negative reviews and questions over legitimacy 
  • Potentially paid reviews
  • Hard to find a member of the team to talk to
  • Hard to cancel subscription
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Price and Packages

Growthsilo like Growthoid offers two different pricing plans


 $49 / month

Real monitored Instagram growth that gets you standard growth and most features.  This is perfect for anybody starting out that wants a “launch”.

  • Moderate growth speed
  • Account manager
  • 10 targets
  • 14-day guarantee


$99 / month

The best version of any Instagram growth, ever. Used by our most serious clients - unlock all features and priority support!

  • Maximum growth speed
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • 60 targets
  • 14-day guarantee
  • VIP email support
  • Location Targeting
  • Gender Filtering
  • Blacklist

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether bots are used - day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day.

Followerz Buzz Review

Everyone is free to write their own review of whichever specific IG growth agency they have decided to use. This will be shared on our site, together with other reviews, and will greatly help people decide the right service for them when choosing which company to go for!