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  • Entirely human-powered growth service
  • Real followers, no bots or fakes
  • Dashboard feature to display weekly, monthly & yearly growth

What Is KickFollower?

KickFollower, although not new, is an Instagram growth agency that has become extremely popular of late. They use 100% organic human powered growth, meaning no bots or fake accounts, all targeted to the type of accounts that are applicable to you.

How Does KickFollower Work?

Upon registration, you will be assigned your own personal account manager. He or she will be your go-to in terms of your Instagram growth, and will go through your growth strategy with you to ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of your target demographic and the type of account you are trying to engage with.

After this, a growth manager will get to work on your account, and all of the progress made will be accessible to view on the dashboard feature, which you’ll have access to after logging in.

They engage with users by liking and commenting on relevant account’s content, driving users to your own page and organically increasing your followers. This ensures that your growth will be entirely relevant to your content, and will also demonstrate high levels of engagement.

Our Experience With KickFollower

As you know, we try to offer balanced, impartial reviews when it comes to the growth agencies we review on this website. It is our duty to inform you of both the perks and any shortcomings that each service may have. We were very pleasantly surprised to discover that KickFollower were legitimate and kept to their word.

The most noticeable aspect at the beginning was their amazing customer service. Within a day of signing up, the account manager assigned to you contacts you to go through your targeting options, at which stage you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you may have (we had a lot! And they were able to answer them confidently and with ease). Once everyone is on the same page in terms of what needs to be done, your account manager will relay all of the information to the growth expert, who will get to work on your Instagram growth.

We noticed that it can take a good few days, sometimes even a week, for any noticeable growth to take place. But, as our account manager explained to us, this is because they are trying to target ONLY accounts that are relevant to the specific content that you may have, as opposed to the bots and fake accounts that some other IG growth companies use to grow your IG quickly.

We also noticed that when we did start to see real, notable growth, that it was from accounts who really engaged with our content, and were interested in what it was we were posting. This can only be a benefit for new businesses trying to promote their products.

We also absolutely loved their dashboard feature, which is accessible at any time, and displays your growth statistics broken down by week, month and year, so you always know where you’re at.


Although KickFollower have been on the market for a while, they have really gained in popularity of late. We suppose this is because, with so many fraudulent companies around who either overcharge you or use bots or fake accounts, people are really doing their research to find legitimate growth services.

Upon Googling KickFollower, it doesn’t take long to stumble across the many great reviews of their wonderful service. From the beginning, KickFollower have always held great customer service as their leading focus point, and they do not disappoint when it comes to this.

Final Review

We have thoroughly tried out every aspect of KickFollowers service and can say with confidence that they are definitely on our list of recommended companies to use in terms of Instagram growth. They demonstrate fantastic customer service and are available round-the-clock, 24/7. In addition, the actual growth that they offer is organic and real, meaning that the users who start to follow you are genuinely there because they are interested in your content and will interact with you.

KickFollower is really great for new businesses trying to get their foot in the door. There’s little point trying to bring followers who are interested in clothes to an account that advertises motorbikes, and they know this. That’s why you’ll have a full consultation before beginning the process, so that only people who are relevant to your product or account will be targeted. All in all, an amazing Instagram growth service!

Top in the industry


Grow your Instagram with real, targeted followers


Kickfollower uses 100% organic human powered growth.


Flock Social claims to be an organic Instagram growth agency

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Pros & Cons



  • Totally organic growth. No sign of bots or fakes.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • The team will go through your targeting options to make sure growth is tailored to you
  • Great prices


  • Growth can take a while to really take effect - but this is simply because the team are being so thorough in terms of who they target

Can I use a free trial before I decide to buy a package?

Yes. Socialmeep has a demo version of its services. But as user experience shows, the demo version doesn't deliver enough results to decide whether you want their services or not.

Why is a platform where you can learn more about different IG growth agencies and compare them. Our main goal is to help you decide on the best possible solution for your business or IG page.

Why ?

We complete research thoroughly and don't settle until we make sure that the information we display is 100% genuine.

The reviews you read here are based on real-life experiences from our shadow and regular clients. A lot of reviews you read online (for example, on Trustpilot) are fake. Companies tend to create fake accounts to help them grow in popularity. We want to avoid this type of thing and only post feedback once they're 100% reviewed. After a few months of use, we can safely say a lot about the agency and deliver an accurate review.

How fast will my IG followers grow?

It depends on a lot of things. Kickfollower uses modern marketing and experience, they create unique strategy for our customer. If you're putting energy into your content's quality and quantity, the results will be seen very soon.

Price and Packages


$59 / month

  • Guaranteed Growth
  • Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags and accounts
  • Monthly reporting


$89 / month

  • Super Growth
  • Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags and accounts
  • View Stories
  • Like & Comment
  • Weekly reporting


$229 / month

  • Ultimate Growth
  • Premium Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags, locations and accounts
  • View Stories
  • Like & Comment
  • Custom Reporting
  • Priority Support

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether bots are used - day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day.

Followerz Buzz Review

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