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Managergram Features:

  • Automatic Like System
  • Choose From Different Levels of IG Likes
  • Easy to Use Site
  • FAQ Section

What Is Managergram?

Managergram is a relatively new Instagram growth agency that concentrates on gaining more likes on the content you post. 

They believe that likes alone are able to boost your Instagram enough to make it a contender to be up there with the most popular. They pride themselves on having “amazing client care and support”.  You are able to buy a specific number of likes per month, depending on your needs and budget. 


Managergram is a new company that is still finding its feet on the Instagram Growth market. They have done things slightly differently and seem to believe that a simpler growth strategy will be more attractive to potential customers looking to grow their Instagram. It does, however, already seem to have some problems. 

How Does Managergram Work?

Their main concept is the ‘automatic like’. “A wave of new likes automatically land on everything you post”. The way that Managergram works is a slightly more simplified version of the other growth agencies, whereby they concentrate solely on getting your Instagram content more likes. They state that these likes are from real accounts, real people. “Our smart system keeps an eye on your Instagram profile and notes any time you add new content. We give your new posts lots of auto likes that create even more attention and appreciation reverberating around the globe.” 

Much like the other Instagram growth agencies around though, they say they will provide you with your own Account Manager who will go through your marketing strategy with you and answer any questions. 

However, after using a shadow account to try out their services, it unfortunately seems that they use bots to increase your likes, so be careful when considering whether or not to use this company. Bots do not create organic growth and can be dangerous. It also seems there isn’t anybody to contact after signing up, despite what they claim. 

Final Review

In terms of setting up a new company and trying their best to compete with the other big contenders around, Managergram hasn’t really done very well in solidifying its place on the market. Anybody who knows anything about Instagram growth agencies would know that the first question potential customers have is whether or not the company is legit, especially in terms of bots and fake accounts. Yet, the few reviews that exist already question its authenticity, with people saying that bots and fake accounts are used to increase your likes and followers. 

To make matters worse, Managergram are also extremely difficult to get a hold of. They provide a Whatsapp number for you to contact if need be, but this just generates an automatic reply saying that nobody is available right now. So, a new company with lots of potential, instead decided to go with the cheap trend and use bots and fake accounts as their main method of ‘growing’ your Instagram. There was also no sign of a dedicated Account Manager. We were not impressed with this company, beware!

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Pros & Cons


  • Simplified growth via post likes
  • Different pricing packages available
  • New addition to the market

  • Potential use of bots
  • Non-organic growth
  • Increasing negative reviews
  • Hard to make contact with anybody and difficult to cancel subscription


Is Managergram a scam?

At this early stage, it’s hard to say for sure whether or not Managerscam is a scam, but it’s certainly not looking good. While there are not many reviews as of yet, the majority that exist are negative, saying that they use bots and there is little to no customer support. It’s also proving difficult to cancel your subscription.

Does Managergram use bots?

It seems likely, yes. People have claimed to receive lots of new followers overnight, but with no likes or interaction, which suggests bots and fake accounts.

Price and Packages

Managergram has numerous pricing packages available to choose from based on your budget and needs:

50 Automatic Instagram Likes

Buy Instagram likes on every new post

$12.50 Monthly

  •   Likes on unlimited posts per day 
  •  Free views on new videos 
  •  No password required 
  •  Dedicated client support 
  •  Cancel anytime

100 Automatic Instagram Likes

Buy Instagram likes on every new post

$5For The First Month

  •  Likes on unlimited posts per day 
  •  Free views on new videos 
  •  No password required 
  •  Dedicated client support 
  •  Cancel anytime

200 Automatic Instagram Likes

Buy Instagram likes on every new post


  •  Likes on unlimited posts per day 
  •  Free views on new videos 
  •  No password required 
  •  Dedicated client support 
  •  Cancel anytime

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether bots are used - day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day.

Followerz Buzz Review

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