Reviews & Details

  • Automated growth services
  • Instant delivery
  • No targeting
  • Collect IG username only, not password
  • Packages starting at $2.97

What is Buzzoid?

Buzzoid boosts your Instagram numbers through the purchase of followers, likes, and views. You give them money; they give you numbers. But that’s all they deliver: numbers. Buzzoid is not meant for an Instagram user who wants sustainable, engaging, real growth. They give you untargeted accounts who more than likely won’t stick around for the long term.  

How Does Buzzoid Work?

You pay Buzzoid to bring you followers, likes, and views.

With a simple payment process and by entering your IG account name, the company delivers followers, likes and views to your account.

Buzzoid offers 2 types of packages: High Quality and Premium

1. High Quality Followers Package

  • Non-targeted followers
  • Mostly non-active or low-engaging accounts (profile pic only)
  • Quick delivery—around 1 hour to fulfill our order
  • Auto-refill offered in the package warranty

2. Active Followers Package

  • Engageing IG account (As they claim)
  • Buzzoid guarantees few to no drops
  • Quick delivery—around 1 hour to fulfill our order

After testing we found out that there was no difference in targeting at all. Both with high quality followers and Premium followers there was no targeting, all the accounts were of mixed type. Some were bots, some active accounts and some non-active ones.

Only difference was delivery time. High Quality followers deliver in 1 hour while Premium service delivers followers instantly. There are tons of services offering instant delivery for a good price, so be aware and don't get fooled by the premium package's fake marketing.

Three pieces of info to purchase followers:

  • Instagram username
  • Email address
  • Credit card information

Buy Likes Package Options

1. High Quality Likes Package

  • Non-targeted followers
  • Mostly non-active or low-engaging accounts (profile pic only)
  • Can split your package between multiple posts
  • Can use for video likes
  • Instant or gradual delivery

2. Premium Likes Package

  • Buzzoid guarantees NO drops
  • Claims they’re the only service that offers real likes from real IG users
  • Can split your package between multiple posts
  • Can use for video likes
  • Instant or gradual delivery

This is the same process as buying followers, but if you want to split the likes between posts, you tell them how to split and with posts the likes go to.

Similarly to the followers package, both packages offer non-targeted IG users with no real engagement, so it's the same marketing trick.

3. Buy Views Package

One option, but you buy how many views you want.

  • 5-minute delivery
  • High quality views
  • Some views come from active IG users and some from profile-pic only accounts

Same easy process as buying followers and likes, but you define the video post you want the video views to go to.

Our Experience With Buzzoid

We purchased one of each package that Buzzoid offers. They delivered the numbers they said they would—some instantly, some took just a bit of time.

For followers, we found that even the active users they promised were not very active, and certainly not what’s defined as Instagram successful. Some had a mere 10 posts on their page. We got no engagement from the followers Buzzoid gave us.  

We found the likes and views not useful to our long-term growth goals—the accounts that gave us likes and views weren’t targeted by niche, industry, or similarities. There is no reason for them to interact with us or us with them.

We appreciate what Buzzoid is providing, but for those who are serious about IG success, they should reconsider where to spend their money. It’s worth noting that Buzzoid doesn’t pretend to be anything they’re not—they tell you they will give you numbers, and that’s what they do.
One more thing, everything between Buzzoid and Twicsy looks very, very similar. Website layout, the content on the web, services and packages they offer. We’re wondering if they’re not the same company?!

Purchase Process

The purchase process for a Buzzoid package is simple. You can pay by credit card or ApplePay. You only have to give standard info like name, credit card info, and billing address. Prices are listed in USD and are subject to the exchange rate at the time if you wish to pay in a different currency. They offer you an upgrade at the time of check out.

Order tracking is very thorough. You get an email at nearly every step of the process: when your order is being processed, when your payment has been received, when they start word to fulfill your order and finally, once they’ve fulfilled your order. Maybe a bit much, but over communication is better than no communication. They give you a tracking number as well so you can track your purchase online if the emails aren’t enough.



Final Review

Buzzoid says they’ll boost your IG numbers, and that’s what they do. But engagement is zero, and most accounts are not active or have very low engagement. For those seeking real, sustainable Instagram growth, we advise to look to an Instagram growth agency who will help with engagement. Buzzoid brings the numbers—almost instantly—but nothing more.

Their customer support was great, the purchase process simple and straightforward. There were no hidden costs.  

Top in the industry


Social Rush offers instant growth of IG metrics in numbers with no targeting.


Twicsy is an Instagram boosting service. Customers buy followers, likes, and views.


Buzzoid boosts your Instagram numbers through the purchase of followers, likes, and views.

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Pros & Cons

  • Fast delivery
  • Numbers as promised
  • Easy sign-up and tracking process
  • Non-active followers
  • You get numbers only for numbers
  • Non-targeted accounts
What is Buzzoid good for?

Buzzoid boosts the numbers of followers on your IG account, or the number of likes and views on defined posts.

What is Buzzoid not good for?

Buzzoid does not engage on your behalf. Instagram is a social environment, and if you want real growth, you have to engage with other IG users.

What’s the best thing about Buzzoid?

They deliver what they say they will and don’t pretend to be anything different.  

They don't deliver what they say they will in their reviews and ads. They claim to be an organic follower agency but in reality they are delivering instant bots and fake accounts.

Price and Packages

Buzzoid falls into the lower cost companies that sell followers, likes, and views. They’re on par for pricing compared to companies such as Twicsy, Viralfly, and TrueFollowers.

High Quality Followers


500 followers package

Followers: High Quality Package: 100–5,000 for $2.97–$39.99 / Active Package: 500–5,000  for $11.99–$84.99

Likes: High Quality Package: 50–10,000 for $1.47–$88.99 / Premium Package: 50–250  for $3.49–$12.99

Views Package: 500–50,000 for $1.99–$74.99

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether bots are used - day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day.

Followerz Buzz Review

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