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  • Buy non targeted followers likes and views
  • Followers start to appear after an hour
  • Some experience issues with their payment system

What is TrueFollowers?

TrueFollowers is similar to other such services on the market, whereby you can buy followers, likes and views for your Instagram account. Important to bear in the mind here is that the followers you buy will not be targeted, so as with some of the other IG growth companies, you’ll find a mixture of bots, real accounts and profiles that

haven’t been used in some time. You’ll find that with TrueFollowers, there are some really great pros and some equally problematic cons.

How Does TrueFollowers Work?

TrueFollowers, like one or two other Instagram growth companies, offers a more simple type of service. Meaning, you buy the specific number of followers, views or likes you are looking for. In this review, we will focus solely on followers.

TrueFollowers group followers into the most popular purchase options. For example, you can buy anything from 100 followers up to 20,000 (although their website states they are currently ‘out of stock’ of the latter). You choose the amount of followers you require, and go to the checkout, enter your Instagram account details, and then pay. Users have stated that followers appear a little slower with TrueFollowers, and can take a minimum of an hour to appear. There have also been reports of issues with payments, which we will discuss in greater detail later on in the review. Nevertheless, TrueFollowers is ideal for people who require quick, non-targeted growth.

Our Experience With TrueFollowers

As with any such Instagram growth service where you buy followers in bulk, we were interested to see what the results would be like and how long it took, but also were a little bit skeptical about the types of followers we would receive. We decided on the fairly popular package of 500 followers, priced at $7.99. TrueFollowers claim to have 24 hour support, yet we didn’t see that feature offered during our experience with them.

We only had to enter our Instagram profile, no password, which is always a plus as it feels more secure. Yet, there were major issues with the payment system. Whilst at first, the checkout process seems totally normal and like any other online site, problems occur. Once you have submitted your card details, an error message appears. This really made us feel as if the payment wasn’t very secure. We noticed that, nonetheless, we were charged, and did not receive any confirmation or any kind of order number or tracking code, which concerned us and made us question the legitimacy of this service. However, after over an hour, we started to notice our followers increasing, so we knew that the service was working.

As predicted, we noticed that our followers were a real mix. Some were bots, some were active and others were inactive accounts. As we say, totally expected for this type of service, especially at the prices they advertise.

We were a little disappointed in the fact that they don’t offer much in terms of a broad range of services. It is literally likes, followers and views. Having said that, their prices are a fair amount cheaper than that of some of their competitors, which was a pro. All in all though, we wouldn’t recommend using this service based on their poor - potentially not secure - payment system.


TrueFollowers’ selling point has always been based on, quote, being “the only legitimate site for choosing Instagram services for your posts or accounts, whether you need to buy Instagram likes, followers or views”. While we know for sure that they are in fact not the only ‘legitimate’ site for this, they have always claimed that they are.

Final Review

It’s always important to do your research before using any Instagram growth service, and TrueFollowers is no exception. While we liked the fact that the service was simple, easy to understand and fairly straightforward, it would be hard for us to recommend using them based on both their payment system and the lack of communication we received from them in general. No confirmation email, no follow up. In fact, nothing. The service did indeed speak for itself, and we saw followers appear on our account after around an hour, but we felt this was slower than some of the other companies around and that together with the fact they use bots and inactive accounts too, means that we will not be using them again.

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Pros & Cons

  • Some of the cheapest prices on the market
  • Clear site layout, easy to understand
  • Simple, effective growth
  • Payment method doesn’t seem secure
  • Bots and inactive accounts used
  • Lack of communication from their team
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Price and Packages

TrueFollowers doesnt offer cheap prices for Instagram growth. So, if you’re looking to keep costs low, you may want to consider other options.

Instagram Followers


500 followers package

100 followers - $2.99 / 500 followers - $7.99 / 1,000 followers - $11.99 / 2,500 followers - $29.99 / 5,000 followers - $39.99

6,000 followers - $45.99 / 7,500 followers - $64.99 / 10,000 followers - $84.99 / 15,000 followers - $129.99 / 20,000 followers - $169.99 (currently out of stock)

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether bots are used - day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day.

Followerz Buzz Review

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