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NFTScoring is an analytical platform that allows you to analyze, validate, and find NFT collections. They examine blockchain data and add essential features to assist you in becoming a better investor.

NFTScoring was founded by a group of enthusiastic builders who wanted to provide NFT investors with all of the information they needed to make informed decisions when buying or selling NFTs. They keep track of transactions for over 75,000 NFT projects that take place on the Ethereum Network using OpenSea and add new projects on a regular basis.

Serial startup entrepreneurs and crypto aficionados established NFTScoring, which has received funding from renowned investors including as Y Combinator and Credo Ventures. To begin, you may view Trending Collections, Project Analytics, Collection Rarity, forthcoming Drops, Whales Insight, and Rarity Sniper on the free edition of


Consider subscribing to Premium to unlock the full potential of, allowing you to make smart entrance and exits utilizing a must-have market information and trading tool for anybody getting into the NFT industry.

  1. Trending View

Trending View will provide you with up-to-the-minute NFT market information on current selling collections. There are certain restrictions for free users on Trending View. Premium users will get access to market data in 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, and 30 minute intervals. As we sync up with the most recent on-chain data, the Trending View page will alter in real-time.

Note that the 1-hour interval will still pull in the most current data, but it will be aggregated, which makes it less useful for making faster or more precise buys and sells.

My NFTs: You must link your wallet in order to access "My NFTs." This view will show you how your NFTs are trending in your wallet.

Watchlist: The Watchlist View displays the projects you've added to your watch list that are currently trending.

  1. Expert View

Expert View was created with the active NFT trader in mind. You can check real-time listings, trades, and floor strength all in one place. All of these data points will help you make the best decision possible about your next transaction inside a certain collection.

  • Listings: This section displays the most recent NFTs for that project.
  • Trades: This list displays the most recent NFTs sold inside that project.
  • Transactions: This graph displays sales over time, allowing you to quickly identify Legendary, Epic, Uncommon, Common, Wale Bought, and Whale Sold NFTs.
  • Sell Wall: This graph provides a clear picture of the firmness of the floor.

BONUS TIP: Look for projects with a low Buy Rank (NFTs that are cheaper to list than their rarest characteristic). This will get you the greatest entrance price available.

  1. Analytical View

The Analytics View was created to provide you a clear picture of the NFT project. At the top of this page, you'll find an overview of how the project is doing, as well as our distinctive community review. Whale Followers, Whale Owners, and Community Score are the most distinctive stats here.

Some definitions of terms you should get familiar with are:

  • Floor Price: Lowest price for an NFT within a specific collection.
  • Items for Sale: The amount of NFTs listed for sale within that collection.
  • Sales Volume: Total volume traded in ETH within an NFT collection.
  • Market Cap: Total value of the NFT collection in ETH.
  • Today Sales: Sales today in ETH
  • Total Supply: Amount of NFTs within the given collection.
  • Unique Holders: Amount of unique wallets that hold NFTs from the given collection.
  • Twitter Followers: Total number of users that follow this project on Twitter.
  • Whale Followers: Total number of Whales follow this project on Twitter.
  • Whale Owners: Total number of whales that own this project.
  • Discord Members: Total number members this project has on Discord.
  • Active Members: Total number of members that are active on Discord.
  • Community Score: Score calculated for the NFT collection based on how the community engages on Twitter and Discord.
  1. Rarity View

Rarity View was built to allow you to filter the NFTs in a collection by their rarity and qualities. Depending on your selections, their Rarity View can get rather thorough.

  • Pricing Range: Allows you to define the NFT collection's price range.
  • Rarity Rank: A project's NFTs will be ranked depending on their rarity.
  • Buy Rank: A collection's NFTs will be ranked depending on the greatest potential offer our system has discovered. The rarity view's most potent feature is this.

Bonus Tip: Choose a price range that you can afford and a rarity rating of 20% to locate some GEMS.

  1. Social View

For each collection, Social View was created to keep track on what was going on on Twitter and Discord. The project's newest tweets will be pulled into the Twitter Feed. The Discord feed will gather the most recent discord announcements so that users may see how the project owners interact with their community.

  1. Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper was created to assist active traders in locating the greatest listings available. Their technology displays the projects that are currently advertised in real time, based on which ones have the biggest demand. They coined the term "Buy Rank" to describe their new statistic. This statistic gathers all available NFTs from a given collection and ranks them according to the best bargain. The lower your rank, the better your chances of getting a better return on your investment.

  1. Drop

The newly developed DROPS view was constructed from the bottom up to provide you with the most up-to-date information about new projects about to DROP. Their objective is for you to be able to obtain the most up-to-date high-level research on any new project that is going to be released. Creators of NFT Projects will be able to log in using their Twitter account and update project details as well as make announcements to their followers. This might be a plan update or perhaps a MINT data update.

What is included in the fee?

Your NFT collection has potential to reach 100k monthly NFT traders on NFTScoring

Get awesome customisable landing page for your NFT collection

  • Share your minting information 
  • Preview images of your art 
  • Detailed tracking community metrics 
  • Roadmap
  • Team
  • FAQ
  • Edit you NFT collection data any time and deliver real-time updates to more people
  • Edit your main announcement in your NFT collection detail

NFTScoring Discord bot: Get more people to see what’s happening inside your community. Connect our bot so that all announcements get pulled into your NFTScoring page.


This website offers a wealth of data and statistics, but some of the most important information, such as Twitter and Discord follower trends, which is one of the most important components of project evaluation, is not free and needs the purchase of a premium product. 

You must spend 0.05eth every month as a subscription fee to use the premium package. Even still, many individuals still consider that the information on the website is extremely complicated.

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Best NFT callendar, with all the needed features


NFTScoring is an analytical platform that allows you to analyze, validate, and find NFT collections.

4.2 is a passionate platform dedicated to informing users about forthcoming nft launches

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What is the mission of NFTScoring

NFT Scoring is to help visitors discover best possible drops and assist in crypto field.

What is NFT callendar?

The NFT calendar is a list of the finest forthcoming NFTs that you can use to remain up to speed on any new projects and familiarize yourself with their costs, reviews, launch dates, and other key details.

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