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  • TikTok Growth
  • Weekly TikTok Trends
  • Optimization of Profile & Content
  • 3-day Trial

What Is Enforce Social?

Enforce Social is a TikTok growth agency that claims to be able to assist you in gaining more of a presence on the app. As TikTok is one of most popular social media apps currently on the market, and as it reaches a slightly younger demographic than other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, a lot of companies have homed in on this and as such, offer supposed TikTok growth. Enforce Social advertise organic growth for your TikTok account, and will offer you weekly trends to base your content on, both of which will add to your TikTok presence and success.

How Does Enforce Social Work?

The first thing you’re hit with when you go onto their website is that you will “grow your TikTok with a dedicated growth manager” - that’s what a lot of growth agencies are advertising nowadays, that personalized service, but do you really get it?

The way Enforce Social works is by using a so-called ‘proven process’ to optimize your TikTok account and content, meaning your TikTok content will be seen by more people, creating increased TikTok presence and, thus, success. They also offer weekly TikTok trends which you’ll be able to base your content on, after which they’ll promote your content in order for it to reach your target audience. This method - they claim - is the number 1 way of growing your TikTok.

Our Experience With Enforce Social

Just as we do with every other growth service, be it for Instagram or TikTok, we tried Enforce Social out to see what kind of results they offered. As TikTok growth agencies are relatively new on the scene in comparison to IG growth companies, there isn’t as much competition (yet) on the market, although it’s catching on pretty fast and there are still a number of different companies to choose from. Enforce Social’s website seemed quite informative, and everything seemed relatively clear. It made us feel as if we’d be receiving a real personalized service but, as it turns out, it seemed as if we were just another number.

Let’s start with their three-day free trial, which we wanted to try before anything else. In order to take advantage of this trial, you had to sign up and pay for the whole month, which in our opinion seems totally nonsensical and renders the whole point of the free trial useless as you have to pay anyway. This is verging on the type of thing you’d see from a scam. The next thing we noticed and concerned us somewhat, was that they don’t specify what they actually use to grow your TikTok, which seemed a little bit suspicious also.

At time of registration, Enforce Social offers ‘bot’ likes and views as an extra (which you have to pay for). This doesn’t really fill us with any real confidence that they don’t use bots for their overall growth. This made us curious as to what others say about them, and we checked out their reviews on TrustPilot. Indeed, all of the reviews on there seem totally fake and bot-created. We were not impressed. Even the comments and content on their site seems fake, too.

We tried to get in touch with them numerous times but there is no chat section on their website, so we emailed instead and still to this day we have not received a reply.

We saw some growth on TikTok but it was quite obviously from the use of bots.


Enforce Social came onto the market shortly after TikTok became massive. This was, of course, a sensible business idea, given the want and need to have a big presence on the app. Much like the demand for IG growth that we saw starting a few years ago, more and more TikTok growth agencies are opening up.

Final Review

To all honesty, we were somewhat put off from the start of our journey with Enforce Social. We really liked the idea that they offered a three day free-trial feature, but upon closer inspection, it became clear that this was only redeemable should you pay for the whole month up front. Doesn’t this render any such free trial totally pointless? We think so, and it left a sour taste in our mouth moving forward.

The fact that they do not specify how and what they use to grow your TikTok account is also slightly off-putting, and leads one to think that it is automated, bot type growth. This, coupled with the fact that they offer bot growth as an extra at time of paying leaves us with little doubt that this type of growth is automated. This can’t have a good final effect on your TikTok account and such ‘growth’ is never long-lasting. We weren’t even able to get in touch with their team to reassure our concerns - no chat option, no reply to our emails. Where was the account manager we were promised?

All in all, not a service we would recommend to anybody looking for real, organic TikTok growth.

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Enforce Social is a TikTok growth agency that claims to be able to assist you in gaining more of a presence on the app.


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Pros & Cons

  • Easy to understand website layout
  • Seemingly popular service
  • They keep you informed of TikTok trends
  • ‘Free-trial’ not a real feature
  • Growth is obtained through bots
  • No response from customer service
  • Reviews seem fake

Will I actually see growth on my TikTok?

Potentially, yes. But this is automated, non-permanent growth with no real interaction

Will I be able to access their free trial?

Not without purchasing a monthly package

Are they easy to contact?

Unfortunately not. No chat option and no reply to emails

Price and Packages

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59 /month

Servicing up to 20 posts per month

Weekly trend updates

Expert guidance from top-influencers

Moderate follower growth

Moderate number of views per post

Moderate engagement

Profile audit and optimisation

Hashtag optimisation

Cancel anytime

Money back guarantee



Servicing up to 45 posts per month

Monthly strategy call

Weekly trend updates

Expert guidance from top-influencers

High follower growth

High number of views per post

High engagement

Advanced Profile audit and optimisation

Advanced Hashtag optimisation

Cancel anytime

Money back guarantee



Servicing unlimited posts per month

TikTok Advertising Account

TikTok Advertising Consulting

Weekly strategy calls

Weekly trend updates

Expert guidance from top marketeers

Maximum follower growth for conversions

Maximum number of views per post

Maximum engagement

Advanced Profile audit and optimisation

Advanced Hashtag optimisation

Cancel anytime

Money back guarantee

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether bots are used - day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day.

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