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  • New addition of TikTok growth
  • Buy TikTok followers
  • Live chat option
  • Cheap prices

What Is Managergram?

If you’ve checked out our Instagram growth reviews, you’ll probably have come across Managergram before. We reviewed their IG growth service, as we do with all of the companies that appear on our site. This time though, we decided to check out their TikTok growth service instead, which is just one of the growth services that Managergram offers.

Their website states that they offer organic TikTok growth, and you’ll have the option to buy one-time followers or on a monthly basis. Managergram has a vast list of different social media platforms for which you’re able to purchase growth, but it seems that they pretty much all work the same way.

How Does Managergram Work?

Managergram’s TikTok growth service works by firstly deciding on whether you’re looking for one-off growth or on a rolling, monthly basis. You’re able to buy followers in bulks of 500, 1,000, 5,000 or 20,000 - both as a one off and monthly.

Unfortunately, Managergram doesn't offer a lot of details by way of an explanation on how they grow your TikTok. They offer a 3-step explanation of the process: choose your plan, make your payment, and see your followers increase. There is no information about what type of growth this is or how they do it. While they state that they offer organic growth, their website seems very much like one that offers growth by way of bots.

Our Experience With Managergram

We decided to try out their one off package of 500 TikTok followers. We didn’t hold out much hope in terms of the results, and having looked into Managergram previously for Instagram, we were pretty sure it would be a bot led service, despite the fact that they claim you’ll receive real followers who will engage with you.

Payment seemed fairly secure, which is a pro. And it was within the space of a few hours that we started to see growth to our TikTik account. But, as predicted, this growth was clearly due to bots. No engagement, and the repetition of the types of comments and names of users was a clear indication that this, indeed, was a bot-led, quick growth service that isn’t designed to last. Were we disappointed? A little. Were we surprised? Not at all. Looking at Managergram’s prices, you couldn’t really expect real, organic growth for paying so little. Nonetheless, such bed-led services are still proving popular for people who want instant growth without paying megabucks.


When we first reviewed Managergram, it was a new company that was still finding its feet on the Social Media growth market. They have since evolved to include growth for many different platforms. They seem to believe that a simpler growth strategy will be more attractive to potential customers looking to grow their TikTok. It does, however, seem to have some problems in terms of misinformation.

Final Review

All in all, this is a pretty basic, automated bot-led growth service - much like many other such services available out there.

To be clear - if you’re looking for short-term, quick growth, you may well want to consider using Managergram. There is so much competition out there in terms of how many people watch your videos or follow you, that it’s really no surprise that such services are still so popular. Nonetheless, it’s still important to bear in mind that when choosing an automated growth service, you will never get any real engagement from any new followers, nor will it ever last for more than a couple of weeks. Furthermore, as time moves on, TikTok will inevitably become aware of the fact that bots are used for growth, much like Instagram, and crack down on this. This may potentially put your account in jeopardy. We will always favor organic, real growth over anything bot-led or automated, as it’s safer and longer lasting. We, however, will not choose to use Managergram again.

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If you’ve checked out our Instagram growth reviews, you’ll probably have come across Managergram before.

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Pros & Cons

  • Cheap prices
  • Quick growth
  • Different pricing options
  • Multi-platform growth
  • Automated (bot) growth
  • Growth is not permanent
  • Misleading information on website
  • Some negative reviews online

Does Managergram offer organic growth?

Despite their claims, Managergram offer growth through automated methods with bots

Do they have good customer service?

Fairly. They have an online chat option on their website

Will growth last?

Unfortunately not. This is a temporary growth service lasting no more than a few weeks.

Price and Packages

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Personal Plan

$49 month

  • 1,000+ Real Followers
  • 200+ Views Per Video
  • 50+ Likes Per Post
  • Other Profile Engagement
  • Dedicated Client Support

Influencer Plan

$149 month

  • 5,000+ Real Followers
  • 1,000+ Views Per Post
  • 250+ Likes Per Post
  • Other Profile Engagement
  • Dedicated Client Support

Business Plan

$299 month

  • 10,000+ Real Followers
  • 2,000+ Views Per Post
  • 500+ Likes Per Post
  • Other Profile Engagement
  • Priority Client Support

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether bots are used - day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day.

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