Reviews & Details

  • TikTok growth service
  • Two growth schemes: Account & music
  • Good reviews
  • Option of YouTube & Spotify growth too

What Is YouGrowPromo?

YouGrowPromo is a social media / music platform growth agency. They offer growth for YouTube, Spotify, and two different types of TikTok growth: personal account and music growth. This review will focus solely on TikTok growth, and is designed to help you either boost your account with more of a presence on TikTok, or get your music videos seen by a wider audience. This agency initially focused on YouTube and Spotify, until the massive TikTok boom, at which stage it saw a gap in the market and decided to offer growth on this platform, too.

How Does YouGrowPromo Work?

Firstly, you’ll need to decide what type of growth it is you’re looking for: Growth to your TikTok account or to promote your music on TikTok (although this undoubtedly won’t be too much of a hard decision for you). Yougrowpromo claims to be an organic growth service and states that their account growth programme enables you to “grow your TikTok account with (our) highly optimized, organic ad campaigns” - so it seems, then, that Yougrowpromo use an ad campaign to initiate growth.

Their website offers a 4-step explanation of how their system works. Firstly, by choosing the specific video you want to advertise or increase popularity on, then they’ll create an optimized ad campaign, users will then interact with your content and join your fan base; then, once the campaign has concluded, you’ll receive a full performance report.

Our Experience With YouGrowPromo

As with all of the other agencies that we compare, we tried out YouGrowPromo, too. We decided to use the slightly more generic service, whereby we simply try to grow our account; not least because we’re not really great singers or performers :) We also figured this would probably be the most popular service they offer.

There were definitely some aspects of Yougrowpromo’s service that we liked. They seem slightly different to other services around, whereby you can choose the type of growth you want based on your specific interest. It seems to be a great choice for budding musicians, too. But as we’re unable to review that specific service, all we’ve had to go by - in terms of that - is the good reviews that seem to be out there in relation to it.

However, as always, there was a slight downside. Their prices are high. What’s more, upon completing research and establishing that most people didn’t rate their cheapest service due to little to no growth, we had to pay even more to try out their service. This came in at a whopping $207 per month, a lot more than some of the other companies. For this, though, we did see a fair amount of engagement with the videos we put forward to them, and also received our performance reports. We would have liked to have seen more growth than we did, especially for the price we paid.


As with a lot of the other such growth companies, Yougrowpromo really seemed to gain popularity when TikTok became the new massive trend. The company has a dedicated ‘About Us’ page, which offers a bit about their background and also introduces each specific staff member - this shows that their team and service is seemingly genuine.

Final Review

Cool service, questionable prices. That’s probably how we’d sum up Yougrowpromo in four words. They really are cool, too. Really nice, comprehensive website, they cater to your specific requirements in terms of whether you’re a musician or just want to grow your account, and take that extra effort by introducing themselves with a short bio. This isn’t something you find on every growth website, and a lot of companies claim to be in countries like the US or the UK when, in fact, they’re somewhere else entirely. Where you are doesn’t matter, so why people go to the lengths of lying about it, we’ll never know. They seem legitimate, which is the main thing, together with some fair results. Not the best growth we’ve ever experienced, but not the worst, either.

As we mentioned earlier, their prices are what lets them down somewhat. While it may be one of the better services in terms of results and customer service, paying $207 for this seems a tad extreme. Still, if you’re serious about gaining attention on TikTok, especially in terms of music, you may want to consider them.

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YouGrowPromo is a social media / music platform growth agency.


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Pros & Cons

  • Legitimate service
  • Great for musicians
  • Good reviews
  • YouTube & Spotify growth also
  • High prices
  • Account growth questionable
  • Lowest priced package offers very little in terms of results

Is YouGrowPromo a reputable service?

According to the reviews we’ve seen online and the service we received, yes, they are.

Why are their prices so high?

Companies often say that their prices are a reflection of their service. Perhaps their prices are this high as they believe in the service they offer.

Do they just offer TikTok growth?

No, they also offer growth on Spotify and YouTube.

Price and Packages

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Starting Influencer


25,000 - 50,000+ guaranteed views

Guaranteed follower growth!

100% organic guarantee

Lightning-fast communication

Rising Influencer


85,000 - 115,000+ guaranteed views

Greater follower growth!

100% organic guarantee

Lightning-fast communication

Superstar Influencer


270,000 - 320,000+ guaranteed views

Massive follower growth!

100% organic guarantee

Lightning-fast communication

Realtime Growth & Bot Statistics

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